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While the creation of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) has good intentions, one unintended consequence of this scheme was the perception of easy money by lifestyle farmers. Home was created as a way to visualise the complex rules, roles and obligations for would-be participants.

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Japan itinerary

After hearing about the plethora of stamps available in Japan, I was inspired to use my skills to create a personalised itinerary for a recent trip to Tokyo and Osaka. This itinerary was to be the home for the beautiful stamps and souvenirs I collected while overseas.

mbovis mbovis

M. bovis Independent Review

Mycoplasma bovis has had a life-changing impact for many New Zealand farmers. As part of the M. bovis Independent Review team, I was tasked with the visual story telling surrounding this review of the programme. This work also included creating a 1 metre long timeline for each year the programme has been in existance.

MPIAnnualReport MPIAnnualReport

Ministry for Primary Industries Annual Report 2018/19 and 2019/20

Taking on the Ministry for Primary Industries Annual Report was an opportunity to push the organisation branding in a new, modern direction. This project involved creating the layout as well as infographics and illustrations as required. See the full 2018/19 report or 2019/20 report.

animalwelfare animalwelfare

Have you Herd?

As part of the latest set of animal welfare regulations to be released, I lead the creation of a full suite of animal welfare collateral from ideation through to design, development, illustration and implementation. Other collateral included posters, social media, and videos.

miscellaneousreports miscellaneousreports

Miscellaneous Reports

Throughout my time working at the Ministry for Primary Industries, I have designed various reports to communicate the stories of the people of New Zealand. If you would like to see more of any of these projects please get in touch.

opuaWIP opuaWIP

WIP The Opua – The History of a Ship for Many Years a Landmark on the Wairarapa Coast

In 1926 the Opua wrecked along the Tora Coast just outside of Wellington. "The Opua" was a record of the events that, for many years, was a landmark on the Wairarapa Coast. First published by Peter Deller over 60 years ago, it is now a restoration project for Katie Deller and I to republish once again.

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I currently design for Wellington Zoo in the visitor experience space. I'm currently open for collaborations including in areas outside of design. Check out my instagram to see what else I can make.

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